For the new year blues-rock singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Anna Haas channeled an old beauty—Marilyn Monroe. In honor of her upcoming single titled after the iconic blonde, Anna modeled a short fiery red coif, vibrant sultry makeup, and vintage wear that conjured a certain 1950′s nostalgia.  Though, unlike her voluptuous ultra-feminine inspiration, Anna’s sharper androgynous looks still shone through affecting a modern twist on the photo series, ultimately making it her own.

And her own happens to be a small, smokey city nightclub littered by wading men waiting to drown.  It’s the suited talent behind the piano, and the talent draped across the top of it.  And every word that falls from her cherry lips land somewhere between New York and Nashville, but they are honest and felt.  And if you happen to pass her in the staircase on your way out, maybe she’ll tell you about it sometime.  See more of Anna channeling Marilyn below.


Celebrity Makeup Artist: Grisel Companioni

Photography: Shervin Lainez

Anna Haas‘ debut record, Crazy Is, will be available on iTunes and other popular online distributors on May 1st, 2012.

Plus check out Grisel’s “How To Get-The-Look” on the next page!

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